Antiviral research : strategies in antiviral drug discovery by Robert L. LaFemina PDF

By Robert L. LaFemina

ISBN-10: 1555814395

ISBN-13: 9781555814397

ISBN-10: 1555815499

ISBN-13: 9781555815493

Captures the kingdom of the technological know-how with twenty reports that study the most recent in today’s antiviral drug discovery efforts.

  • Presents the basic rules of antiviral brokers and forecasts destiny possibilities.
  • Investigates novel enzyme and protein inhibitors.
  • Analyzes medical facets of viral an infection in regards to therapy and toxicity.
  • Examines recognized and power pursuits in any respect phases of viral improvement.
  • Serves as a source for virologists, biochemists, pharmaceutical chemists, and different investigators.
  • Covers a extensive variety of viruses, together with HIV-1, HSV, and HCV.

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