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By Constantino M Torres, David B Repke

ISBN-10: 0789026422

ISBN-13: 9780789026422

A multidisciplinary examine of pre-Columbian South America—centering at the psychoactive plant genus Anadenanthera

As cultures shaped and developed in pre-Columbian South the USA, Anadenanthera grew to become essentially the most generic shamanic inebriants. Anadenanthera: Visionary Plant of historic South the United States is greater than a finished reference on shamanic visionary components; it's a useful gizmo for archeologists and pre-Columbian paintings historians. This thorough e-book examines the ritual and cultural use of Anadenanthera from prehistory to the current, besides its botany, chemistry, pharmacology, anthropology, and archeology.

The earliest proof for using psychoactive crops in South the USA is equipped by way of continues to be of seeds and pods recovered from archeological websites 4 millennia previous. a number of arrangements have been derived from it with the purpose of being a shamanic inebriant. Inhaled during the nostril, smoked in pipes or as cigars, and ready in fermented beverages, Anadenanthera served a vital position within the cultural improvement of indigenous societies in South the US. Anadenanthera: Visionary Plant of old South the US explores the total spectrum of knowledge gleaned from examine, overlaying quite a few archeological websites within the Andean zone, in addition to discussing Amazonian shamanic rituals and lore. Analyses of the creative expressions in the of linked ceremonial paraphernalia equivalent to ritual snuffing tubes and snuff trays are integrated. The textual content is richly illustrated with photos and pictures of adorned ritual implements, and gives a finished bibliography.

Anadenanthera: Visionary Plant of historical South the United States explores:

botanical elements, taxonomy, and geographical distribution of Anadenanthera

ethnographical, ancient, and conventional features of Anadenanthera use

chemical and pharmacological investigations of the genus and some of the visionary arrangements derived from it—with emphasis at the biologically lively ingredients

theories of the mechanisms of motion of the lively tryptamines and carboline alkaloids

comparisons of wooden anatomy, morphology, and percent of alkaloid content material

evaluation of stylistic and iconographic qualities

Anadenanthera: Visionary Plant of old South the USA is a radical, resource for archeologists, anthropologists, chemists, researchers, pre-Columbian paintings historians, and any layperson drawn to pre-Columbian artwork, archeology, or visionary crops.

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