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36°, and Θ4 becomes the new incident angle at the next interface between n^ and n^. 4227) = 25° Therefore the emergent angle (Θ 4 = θ' = 25°) is equal to the incident angle. You could easily draw a ray traveling through the aquarium with a protractor and ruler. Note that the thickness of the glass of the, aquarium does not affect the angles of refraction. Example 2-o Show that a ray will emerge from air-glass-water interfaces at the same angle as a ray that emerges from a single air-water interface.

First, if you throw the ball so that it hits normal (at a right angle) to the surface, the ball will come back toward you along the same path. Figure 2-4. Ball normal to the surface and incident at some On the other hand, if you bounce angle, the ball off the ground first and then onto the wall, the ball will return as a pop-up fly. ) Therefore, the incident angle in which the ball hits the wall determines the direction the ball takes when leaving the wall. This also applies to reflected and refracted light.

Looking at the diagram on the right, the normal to the surface may be represented by β+ θΓΐ=90° or ß = 90°-20° = 70° The sum of the internal angles of a triangle are equal to 180° (ß + a + 90° = 180°). Substituting for ß and solving for a: a =180°-90°-70° = 20° Because the normal to the second surface is 90°, the incident angle at the second surface is equal to θ2 = 90°- α = 90°- 20° = 70° Using the Law of Reflection, the final reflected angle (6r2) is equal to 70°. 26 The Geometrical Optics Workbook Regular or specular reflection - reflected light leaves the surface in a definite beam that follows the Law of Reflection.

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An introduction to craniosacral terapy by Cohen D

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Download e-book for iPad: An introduction to craniosacral terapy by Cohen D
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