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By W. K. Lelbach (auth.), Priv. Doz. Dr. med. Helmut Karl Seitz, Professor Dr. med. Burkhard Kommerell (eds.)

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Alcohol abuse ranks one of the commonest and likewise the main critical environmental risks to human future health. Its importance is heightened through the potential for prevention by way of removing of the behavior, notwithstanding, hardly ever exerted. The occurrence of deleterious results on human well-being has relentlessly risen some time past years for numerous components. They comprise migration of populations and, really, elevated urbanization. hence, in a few components of the area, inhabitants teams formerly spared became concerned, that is additionally re­ flected within the expanding variety of breweries and distilleries within the constructing international locations. Social, non secular, and gender-related boundaries to alcohol intake are loosening, and the monetary development of a few segments of populations now permit them to shop for alcoholic drinks. hence the best percent upward thrust within the usa has lately been in black girls. youth and kids drink extra alcoholic drinks than ever, and turning out to be alcohol abuse by means of pregnant girls has enable to a rise of the occurrence of the fetal alcohol syndrome. whereas the social and behavioral, together with psychiatric, results of alcoholism are amazing, the gastrointestinal and, fairly, hepatic manifestations are the main common somatic results, and protracted hepatic disorder in alcoholics seems to be to reason the best rate to society. certainly, mortality from liver cirrhosis is taken into account a competent index of alcohol intake in a country.

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1971). The hepatic free proline pool size, which has been incriminated in the regulation of collagen synthesis (Chvapil and Ryan 1973; Rojkind and DeLeon 1970), may be increased by ethanol (Hakkinen and Kulonen 1975) and is expanded in human portal cirrhosis (Kershenobich et al. 1970). In patients with alcoholic cirrhosis, increased serum free proline and hydroxyproline have been reported (Mata et al. 1975). More recently, it has again been postulated that lactate may playa role (Kershenobich et al.

1980; Pikkarainen and Lieber 1980), probably reflecting increased production coupled with decreased disposition. Swelling of the Hepatocyte and Possible Relation to Microtubular Alterations, Portal Hypertension, and Necrosis Two of the earliest and most conspicuous features of the hepatic damage produced by alcohol are the deposition of fat and the enlargement of the liver. This hepatomegaly was traditionally attributed to the accumulation of lipids. However, in Ethanol Metabolism and Pathophysiology of Alcoholic Liver Disease 25 animals fed alcohol-containing diets it was shown that lipids account for only half the increase in liver dry weight (Lieber et al.

1972; Comai and Gaylor 1973; Hasumura et al. 1975a). Evidence in favor of an increase in a special species of cytochrome P-450 after ethanol treatment was also derived from inhibitor studies (Ullrich et al. 1975). More direct proof was obtained from studies of microsomal proteins (Ohnishi and Lieber 1977). The rise in cytochrome P-450 involved a hemoprotein different from those induced by phenobarbital or 3-methylcholanthrene treatment. Studies by Joly et al. (1976, 1977) also showed that chronic ethanol administration to rats is associated with the appearance of a form of cytochrome P-450 with spectral and catalytic properties different from those of the cytochrome P-450 of control, phenobarbital-treated, and methylcholan-threne-treated rats.

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