New PDF release: A text book of practical botany 1

By Dr. Ashok Kumar Dr. Ashok Bendre

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2. Filaments are heterotrichous and differentiated into (i) prostrate portion and (ii) an erect portion. 3. In some species prostrate portion is irregularly and profusely branched or altogether absent. If present it remains attached to the Fig. 2. Ectocarpus. A part of the fIlamentous thallus. " ,' . Algae ",' 5. The branches and the main axis are uniseriate. 6. The erect branches have intercalary meristem just below the terminal hair. It results in trichothallic growth. 7. The cells are squarish to cylindrical and uninucleate.

3. It is a thick walled structure being made of 3-7 layers. 4. The protoplast of a zygote is very dense. ,~,.. ~--receptive pore (beak) oogonial wall zygote branch filament c Fig. 2. Vaucheria. A-D. Various stages in sexual reproduction. A. Young oogonium with young coiled aniheridium, B. Mature oogonium and antheridium, C. Stalked sex organs in Vaucheria geminata, D. Empty antheridium and zygote. 5. Numerous oil droplets are scattered throughout the protoplasm. 6. It is considered to be a diploid structure, as such there is said to be possibility of zygotic meiosis.

7. 8. 9. Oogonium generally shows one or more cap cells at its upper end, indicating its development from a comparatively older cell. It is mostly spherical or oval in shape and larger than a vegetative cell. At the base of each oogonium lies a small and flat daughter cell, known as supporting or suffultory cell. Oogonium encloses a single large ovum. The wall of the oogonium has a small pore on one side, Known as receptive pore. Just opposite the receptive pore, protoplast of Il~c oogonium has a hyaline area-receptive spot.

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A text book of practical botany 1 by Dr. Ashok Kumar Dr. Ashok Bendre

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New PDF release: A text book of practical botany 1
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