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By Richard B. Pelzer

ISBN-10: 044657970X

ISBN-13: 9780446579704

This victorious follow-up to his "New York occasions" bestselling memoir "A Brother's trip" chronicles Pelzer's heartbreaking teenage years as he struggled with the consequences of early life abuse and the way a surrogate family members provided him convenience and wish.

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I backed down. I had to. I knew she was over the edge. It was three fifteen in the morning. Obediently, I picked up the trash she’d emptied out onto the dining-room table, cleaned up the floor, and went to bed. The next morning, I dressed, went quietly into the dining room, and found the sugar bowl in the china cabinet. There I had placed most of my earnings from my paper routes. I took out all the cash. It amounted to just over fifty dollars. I was disappointed that there was only fifty left, and I knew that the money I had hidden in the bottom of my dresser drawer was long gone.

For the first time in years, I was happy. The rest of the household were going to be away for two weeks. I was finally going to be alone. A few nights before, I had been in the basement, reflecting on my life—on the child I had been and the events that had shaped who I had become. The basement had always been a place I wished I could forget. Its concrete walls held all the emotions, fears, and tears of the little boys—me and my brother David—captured and forced down there and abused. Those concrete walls held the secrets that only a few knew about.

The pain of my own weight crushing my hands as I sat on them for hours was not as bad as feeling the eyes of the neighbors on me as I walked past their houses, knowing that Mom had probably regaled each one of them many times with accounts of my faults as a teen. Usually she would get the name of the drug or the brand of booze wrong, as she magnified my misdemeanors to any neighbor or stranger who happened to pick up the phone when she called. I always felt as if every one of the neighbors and even people several streets over knew my every move.

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A Teenager's Journey: Overcoming a Childhood of Abuse by Richard B. Pelzer

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Read e-book online A Teenager's Journey: Overcoming a Childhood of Abuse PDF
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