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By Maria Lucia Kawasaki

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Shakespeare speaks of this superstition : ‘Tis thought the king is dead; we will not stay, The bay-trees in our country all are wither’d (Richard II. 2. 7). See also Holinshed : “in this year 1399 in a maner throughout all the realme of England, old baie-trees withered, and contrary to all men’s thinking grew greene againe, a strange sight, and supposed to import some unknowne event”. It was believed in ancient Greece that spirits could be cast out by the laurel, and a bough was often fixed over the door in cases of illness (Philpot).

Then a bottle of brandy would be broken over it, and healths drunk, as guests sang: Il est planté, le laurier. 1977). This is a lightning tree, and a protector from lightning, which was believed powerless to hurt a man standing by one (Dyer. 1889), one of the “vulgar errors” listed by Aubrey (Aubrey. 1686). But people have been known to carry branches of it over their heads in a storm (Waring). “He who carrieth a bay leaf shall never take harm from thunder” (Browne. 1646), and Culpepper added to the belief – “ … neither Witch nor Devil, Thunder nor Lightning, will hurt a Man in the Place where a Bay-tree is”.

There is a saying in French that a bald man “n’a pas de cresson sous le caillou” – loosely, has no watercress on his head (Palaiseul). Gypsies use ST JOHN’S WORT as a hair dressing, to make it grow (Vesey-Fitzgerald). WALNUT, by the doctrine once current bearing the signature of the head (see DOCTRINE OF SIGNATURES), was used for all maladies relating to the head and brain, from madness back to baldness. Even in Evelyn’s time, the distillation from walnut leaves “with honey and wine”, was being used hopefully to “make hair spring on bald-heads”.

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Read e-book online A revision of the genus Cinchona PDF
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