A revision of Clavija - Opera Botanica 107 (Theophrastaceae) by Bertil Ståhl. PDF

By Bertil Ståhl.

ISBN-10: 8788702561

ISBN-13: 9788788702569

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They are available in many colors, including red, white, ma uve, pink and m ulti-colors. Gloxinias have velvety, trumpet-shaped flowers a11d wide leaves with dist inct vein markings. As the fi rst flower opens, there should be many new buds growing at its base. The dark green, ra ther fleshy leaves should be firm and u11damaged, with 110 curled or discolored edges. Ught Humidity Repotting Needs plenty of light, but avoid direct midday sun. Spray with fine mist of tepid water daily when growing, avoiding flowers.

Webs under leaves. Red spider mite. Remove webs with damp cloth or sponge. then spray with kelthane or insecticidal soap. especially under leaves. Repeat every 14 days until symptoms disappear. _ _---' on a saucer of wet pebbles. Plant wilts in summer. Too hot and too dry. Plunge pot into bucket of water for 10-15 minutes. then drain. Keep soil constantly moist in summer. watering every day if it dries out. Leaves dry out, especially in summer. Air too dry. Spray daily in spring and summer with tepid soft water and provide extra humidity by standing pot on saucer of wet pebbles.

Allow surface of soil almost to dry out between waterings. Minimum temperature: 60°F (16°C) all year. Remove damaged leaves. Whitefly, chrysanthemum fly or blackfly. All are very common. Spray with pyrethrumbased insecticide or insecticidal soap. Repeat once a week until clear. Ardisia crispa Coral berry is an unusual-l ooking plant that is worth searching for. Its oval, dark green leaves (about 2 inches - 5 cm long) fan out in layers from a central stem . Small white, red or purple flowers appear in clusters on stems that extend beyond the leaves.

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A revision of Clavija - Opera Botanica 107 (Theophrastaceae) by Bertil Ståhl.

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A revision of Clavija - Opera Botanica 107 (Theophrastaceae) by Bertil Ståhl. PDF
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