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By Mark Vessey (ed)

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A spouse to Augustine provides a clean selection of scholarship through best lecturers with a brand new method of contextualizing Augustine and his works in the multi-disciplinary box of past due Antiquity, exhibiting Augustine as either a made of the cultural forces of his instances and a cultural strength in his personal right.

  • Discusses the existence and works of Augustine inside of their complete old context, instead of privileging the theological context
  • Presents Augustine’s existence, works and prime rules within the cultural context of the overdue Roman international, delivering a colourful and fascinating feel of Augustine in motion in his personal time and position
  • Opens up a brand new part of research on Augustine, delicate to the various and sundry views of scholarship on past due Roman tradition
  • State-of-the-art essays by means of top lecturers during this field

Chapter 1 creation (pages 1–7): Mark Vessey
Chapter 2 Political heritage (pages 9–23): Christopher Kelly
Chapter three Cultural Geography (pages 24–39): William E. Klingshirn
Chapter four spiritual Sociology (pages 40–53): Eric Rebillard
Chapter five Spes Saeculi (pages 55–68): R. S. O. Tomlin
Chapter 6 Love and Belonging, Loss and Betrayal within the Confessions (pages 69–86): Kate Cooper
Chapter 7 The Confessions as Autobiography (pages 87–98): Paula Fredriksen
Chapter eight studying the Confessions (pages 99–110): Catherine Conybeare
Chapter nine Augustine and Language (pages 111–124): Philip Burton
Chapter 10 Augustine's details Circuits (pages 125–137): Claire Sotinel
Chapter eleven Augustine and Roman Public Spectacles (pages 138–150): Richard Lim
Chapter 12 Augustine and Books (pages 151–157): man G. Stroumsa
Chapter thirteen Augustine and the Latin Classics (pages 159–174): Danuta Shanzer
Chapter 14 Augustine and the Philosophers (pages 175–187): Sarah Byers
Chapter 15 Augustine and the Books of the Manicheans (pages 188–199): Johannes van Oort
Chapter sixteen Augustine and Scripture (pages 200–214): Michael Cameron
Chapter 17 Augustine and His Christian Predecessors (pages 215–226): Mark Edwards
Chapter 18 Augustine as a Reader of His Christian Contemporaries (pages 227–239): Michael Stuart Williams
Chapter 19 Augustine one of the Writers of the Church (pages 240–254): Mark Vessey
Chapter 20 thinker: Augustine in Retirement (pages 255–269): Gillian Clark
Chapter 21 Conversationalist and advisor: Augustine in discussion (pages 270–283): Therese Fuhrer
Chapter 22 Mystic and Monk: Augustine and the religious lifestyles (pages 284–296): John Peter Kenney
Chapter 23 Preacher: Augustine and His Congregation (pages 297–309): Hildegund Muller
Chapter 24 Administrator: Augustine in His Diocese (pages 310–322): Neil B. McLynn
Chapter 25 Controversialist: Augustine in strive against (pages 323–335): Caroline Humfress
Chapter 26 Augustine at the Will (pages 337–352): James Wetzel
Chapter 27 Augustine at the physique (pages 353–364): David G. Hunter
Chapter 28 Augustine on Friendship and Orthodoxy (pages 365–374): Stefan Rebenich
Chapter 29 Augustine at the Church (Against the Donatists) (pages 375–385): Alexander Evers
Chapter 30 Augustine at the Statesman and the 2 towns (pages 386–397): Robert Dodaro
Chapter 31 Augustine on Scripture and the Trinity (pages 398–415): Sabine MacCormack
Chapter 32 Augustine on Redemption (pages 416–427): Lewis Ayres
Chapter 33 Augustine's Works in circulate (pages 429–449): Clemens Weidmann
Chapter 34 Augustine within the Latin West, 430–ca. 900 (pages 450–464): Conrad Leyser
Chapter 35 Augustine within the Western heart a long time to the Reformation (pages 465–477): Eric L. Saak
Chapter 36 The Reception of Augustine in glossy Philosophy (pages 478–491): Johannes Brachtendorf
Chapter 37 Augustine and Postmodernism (pages 492–504): John D. Caputo
Chapter 38 Envoi (pages 505–515): James J. O'Donnell

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At the end of the summer Augustine undergoes an experience that he describes in his Confessions as a conversion to “catholic,” ascetic Christianity. ) ca. 396 397 403 410 411 413 xli friends and family (including Monica and Adeodatus) to Cassiciacum, the nearby country estate of a friend. During his winter retreat he composes a series of philosophical works, the Cassiciacum dialogues. In the spring Augustine returns to Milan and is baptized at Easter by Ambrose, after which he, along with his family and friends, begins the journey back to Africa.

His son Adeodatus dies sometime during this time period, as does Augustine’s close friend, Nebridius. He travels to Hippo Regius (modern Annaba, Algeria), an important coastal entrepo^t, with the intention of founding a monastery; at the urging of a local congregation he is unexpectedly ordained presbyter. Augustine is consecrated bishop of the “catholic” church of Hippo, initially as co-adjutor (contrary to canon law) of Bishop Valerius, who dies not long afterward. He begins work on De doctrina christiana (On Christian Teaching), a guide to biblical interpretation, which is not finally completed until the late 420s.

18 1–11 FC 81 (in part) xxxiv A Companion to Augustine vera religione, De Versus in mensa Versus de S. Nabore videndo Deo, De sancta virginitate, De Vera rel. Vers. mens. Vers. Nab. Vid. Deo Virg. On Holy Virginity On Seeing God [Letter 147] Verses on St. Nabor A Table Verse On the Advantage of Fasting On True Religion Retr. 23 Retr. 41 Retr. ” On the model of Augustine’s own (incomplete) Retractationes, the series is divided into three parts, designated by Roman numerals: I (books), II (letters), III (sermons).

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