Imaginative Places

We promote a network of Artificial Intelligence startup communities supported and accompanied by world-class mentoring services in which developers, innovators and investors, to give strength, inspiration with passion to services that transform society for the better. We bet on the imagination, with co-creative passion, art, and technology and to provide solutions to challenges that improve society. We provide consulting in Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and Blockchain to increase the value to our audience.

Connecting the imagination is the art of creating worlds that do not exist. That creative act passes through inspired wanders founded in passion, and passion always has persistence.

Passion and motives are our foundations.

When We create a world, We are inspired because imagination is based on inspiration, it is the art of creating, of figuring a world that does not exist. This inspiring act is based on the inspiration for doing it, for seeing it come true, for seeing it done.

There our creativity and resilience to challenge that successfully and then use our creativity to achieve a unique solution that makes a difference.

There our imagination.

The way to imagine those worlds is an art. We do not always find at first that world. It goes through several attempts and only one of them will be the one with all our passion.

That is the aim of ImaginativePlaces. 



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In a world where software is at the core of every development, coding becomes as important an ability as reading, writing and communication. In ImaginativePlaces, everything goes through code, even artistic creation used to transform ideas into products or services that have a positive impact in peoples’ daily lives, in response to important companies’ needs and society in general.


Every act of life is a creative act. We think that Art and creation always go hand-in-hand and that they are the basis of any innovation. ImaginativePlaces is a model in which art is always present both for the aesthetic activities carried out in each of our spaces, and for the element of balance, harmony and human wellbeing that inspires our developments. In UI / UX design for our Apps or Art.


It is the core of Imaginative Places, a creative and collaborative space for human exchange in the quest for excellence. It represents the challenge of creating a Startup in a day and its technology.


We encourage and increase our startup’s imagination, in order to accelerate value creation to the fullest potential for the benefit of clients and their needs. Thus, the client is more satisfied with every interaction when using advanced techniques in Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and Cognitive Sciences.


ImaginativePlaces is, by default, a place to live, where startups members have the possibility to live together. Our spaces are equipped with everything necessary for the optimal evolution of startups.


This is a center of production, collaboration and co-creation,  investigation and education, that uses last generation computer-assisted design software for the creation of prototypes and scale models for Architecture, Construction, Industrial Design and any activity that needs the connection to a computer to manipulate materials according to digital instructions in sustainable and ecological fashion with local Startups.


An idea is not innovative until developed and final in the form of a product. Innovation is the executed value. In ImaginativePlaces, we spread out permanent coaching and mentoring processes in order to speed up the evolution of our Startups, as well as their future transformations,  or to support when in the case of a spin off.


Consulting services, as a whole and in each of our locations, are deployed as Innovation services for corporations and developing companies to add differentiated value for sustained growth.

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